Muscle Reliever

Muscle Reliever for tight stiff & painful muscles


My name is Amalia Boto. I work at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Argentina. I had the pleasure of meeting you on the occasion of the Argentinean South African Roundtables on November 18th. I was frankly amazed at your demonstration of the products and knowledge of aromatherapy.

You were extremely kind to offer me sample of the Muscle Reliever and the Marula  Moisturezer Cream & Shower Gel. The following day I tried the Muscle Reliever with my mother who suffers arthritis and has to take medication for her pains. When she applied the oil,  the pain disappeared, and could sleep wihtout  analgesics. It is really  miraculous. Besides I always use the shower gel and the moisturizers, they  provide a real  and instant nutrition to repair sunburn or dried skin. Besides the all South  African Marula scent is  so really unique and exquisite.!!

I highly recommend your products and look forward to have them in my country  again! I wish you all success.

Best regards Amalia
Testimonial from Argentina.


Therapy Pillow with Himalayan salt crystals

Therapy pillow for stress & tension, muscle aches & pains, neck, back, shoulders & backaches


My name is Jonathan Ogilvy, I was at the House & Garden Show 2011 where I bought a Therapy Pillow from Miracle Touch Products. After a busy day at work, when I got home, I had server neck and shoulder pains. All I did was heat the pillow in the microwave for a few minutes and placed it over my sore neck and shoulders. To my amazement I found instant relieve. I call this the Miracle Pillow.

Jonathan Ogilvy calls it,  “The Miracle Pillow”



Muscle Reliever NO  MESS – NO  FUSS

Roll on relief for tight, stiff & painful muscles


My name is Ashika Brunet, I’m from Perth in Australia and currently residing in Kempton Park. It is a must for me to visit the House & Garden Show. During my visit to the 2011show after flying down from OR Tambo Airport my neck, shoulders and back were sore from carrying my kids and my luggage.  At the show I bought the very easy to use Muscle Rub and the lady at the store was very helpful and give me a demonstration on how to use the rub.  As I was shopping the pain disappeared. Later that night I used it on my husband’s sore lower back.  My husband is not a massage person but the results were unbelievable as he was relieved of the pain.



Ardhana Ramduth

“I have used the Muscular Aches and Pains massage oil and found instant relieve for my sore back”.